Living World Display

Wildlife in the Classroom – Conservation through Education

Imagine how excited your students would be to come face to face with an American Alligator, a Green Iguana or watch as a giant Burmese Python, over 3 metres long, is lifted from his travelling box – all in the safety and comfort of your classroom!


This unique wildlife display focuses on the biodiversity and conservation of some of the worlds most beautiful animals and features six different animals from all around the globe including Pythons, Lizards, Alligators, Birds and more. We cater for all age groups and relevant key learning areas of the K – 10 curriculum, including living things, classification, ecosystems, habitat, adaptations and endangered species.


We offer a variety of lessons to suit your class or schools requirements, whether a wildlife display to a individual class or multiple displays over a full day for the entire school with tailored lessons for each age group and year. Wild Animal Encounters can provide all your wildlife needs!


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