Have a little bit of Africa live in your classroom! Imagine your students watching on as an African Serval walks into your classroom, then showcases it’s amazing natural abilities as it climbs, leaps and jumps between logs and rocks in front of your children’s eyes.

Our Serval display is unique and the only program of it’s kind in Australia, that see’s a leash trained serval travel to schools throughout NSW to educate children on the conservation of Africa’s wild cats.

Students observe and discuss what makes these cats uniquely adapted to their environment, their role in the ecosystem and what can be done to protect all wild cats natural habitat. Through interaction with our Director Ben Britton, students learn about what is being done to meet the challenges to their survival and how they can get involved in the conservation of them.

Did you know that less than 10,000 cheetahs remain in the wild and more than 90% of the world’s lions have disappeared in the last 50 years. During your 45 minute serval display Ben will talk about the important work Wild Animal Encounters is involved with in Africa, to help conserve remaining habitat and wild cat populations.

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