Shopping Centre & Open Day Animal Displays

Wild Animal Encounters has a variety of presentations and animal displays especially tailored for shopping centres and open days. We can establish a display that suits your space and requirements, indoors or outdoors, big or small, for half a day, a full day or the entire week.

Our Reptiles of the World display is an educational and entertaining talk featuring native Australian and exotic reptiles including crocodiles, pythons, alligators and lizards live at your venue or event. Learn first hand the difference between crocodiles and alligators, or meet our giant exotic Burmese Pythons from South-east Asia. Interaction and hands on experiences are encouraged, with the general public getting the opportunity to touch the majority of the reptiles being displayed.

We also offer static wildlife displays, purpose built mobile zoo enclosures that we erect at your display venue to house various animal species. These mobile enclosures theme in perfectly with our display marquee and provide your venue with live animals on display all day, our presenters will interact with the animals within the mobile zoo enclosure through out the day to add an extra element to your booking.

Wild Animal Encounters is also more than happy to tailor a display with some of the world’s most amazing creatures to suit your specific requirements and ensure your event is truly a ‘Wild’ success.

For more information regarding our Wild Animal Encounter shopping centre and open day displays please Contact Us