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Want to see wild cats up close?
Come on a tour of Wild Animal Encounters.

Wild Animal Encounters is located in the beautiful Hawkesbury, one hour north west of Sydney, Australia. Led by Director, Ben Britton, our Conservation Centre is focused on the preservation of wild cats of the world including African Serval, Caracal and the endangered Cheetah. We also provide sanctuary to endangered primate and exotic reptile species.


Private Tours of our Centre can be arranged by appointment, with bookings available from Wednesday through to Saturday each week.
These private tours offer the unique opportunity to meet some of our amazing animal ambassadors as you go behind the scenes of our conservation breeding programs.

Package 1 – Wild Cat and Primate Experience

During your visit, you’ll be the only guest’s onsite at the sanctuary, you will learn all about our animals, capture some amazing photos, and learn how we can work together to protect these precious creatures.


This one hour tour provides the opportunity to get up close to our animal ambassadors and learn about Wild Animal Encounters’ conservation efforts.


A staff member will accompany you throughout your visit which will include:


  • A once in a lifetime experience, an interaction with our beautiful Caracals. You will learn about the conservation work we are carrying out in Africa to conserve wild cat populations.
  • Visit our Cheetah Breeding Complex, view these amazing animals up close. We have the only breeding facility for Cheetah in Sydney (NOTE: No direct interaction with Cheetah).
  • A tour of our small primate conservation complex where you will enter their habitats to feed and meet some of our endangered monkeys.


All tours are individual and tailored to our guests so please advise us on arrival if you have a favourite animal.


Our Package 1 Private Tours are for up to a maximum of 4 people at a time.  This is to ensure our guests have the best possible VIP Private Tour experience whilst visiting our centre, and when meeting our unique animal collection. Larger group sizes can be catered for upon request.


Minimum age – 12 years



  • 1 Person – $240
  • 2 People – $320
  • 3 People – $420
  • 4 People – $560

To book your private tour, please email us at

Don’t want to leave it there?

Then stay a little longer and join us, and one of our beautiful wild cats, on an enrichment walk around our sanctuary in Package 2.

Package 2 – Wild Cat and Primate Experience + Enrichment Walk


At the completion of your standard private tour you will join our staff and one of our wild cats on an enrichment walk around our centre.


A 20 minute walk through our 10 acre property and watch as our cats show off their natural stalking behaviour, leaping through grass tussocks and climbing trees only metres away from you. Sit by the waterhole and watch the cats wade and play at the water’s edge.

These walks provide our cats with the opportunity to extend their lives beyond the boundaries of their habitats and investigate the ever changing sounds, smells and sights of our sanctuary.


Wild Animal Encounters is the only place in Sydney where you can get this close to wild cats.


Our Package 2 Private Tours are for a maximum of 2 people at a time.


Minimum age – 16 years



  • 1 person – $320
  • 2 people – $395

To book your private tour, please email us at

Package 3 – Cheetah Cub Experience


Wild Animal Encounters offers the only interactive Cheetah experience in Sydney – you will be able to interact, pat and get hands-on with these amazing animals.


Your experience will start with a guided tour of our private Conservation Centre, where you will be the only guests on site. You will learn about the work we are doing to conserve wild cats both here in Sydney and in Southern Africa, raising awareness of the plight and vulnerability of wild cat species. You will tour our small cat habitats to see our Serval and Caracal before moving on to our Cheetah Breeding Complex.


We have the only breeding facility for Cheetah in Sydney and are the only organisation with our own conservation research projects on the ground in Southern Africa to conserve wild populations.


The climax of your private tour will be joining our experienced staff on an enrichment walk with our Cheetah Cubs, learn first-hand about these incredible animals as you walk alongside them, relax on our lawns and meet them face to face.


This once in a lifetime experience provides the perfect opportunity for our guests to learn about how they can help us protect these beautiful animals, we believe that this experience engages our guests to learn more about our conservation efforts and help us protect these threatened and endangered species. Being a not-for-profit organisation, we rely heavily on donations to carry out our vital work.


Our Package 3 – Cheetah Experiences are for a minimum/maximum of 2 people at a time.



Minimum age – 16 years


Duration – One hour


Available times – 11am and 1pm Wednesday to Saturday each week. Please note our Saturdays are most popular and often book weeks in advance.



  • 2 people – $445

To book your private tour, please email us at